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Specialist Waste Disposal – How We Do What We Do.

Specialist Waste Disposal – How We Do What We Do.

Posted on April 29th, 2022

Novus Environmental has over 40 years of experience in disposing of specialist waste. Dedicated to serving the public and private sectors, we are refreshingly pro-active and passionate about helping organisations find reliable and honest waste management solutions that reflect their unique requirements.

Our approach

At Novus Environmental, we safely handle all typical human and animal healthcare waste, animal by-products disposal, spoilt goods, counterfeit items, seized goods and hazardous waste disposal with ease and professionalism.

We typically work with customers whose waste disposal needs cannot be simplified into a ‘one-size-fits-all’ contract, providing integrated solutions for the correct and ethical disposal of waste with responsiveness and reliability, embracing our own and our customers’ principles of corporate responsibility.

We deal with a broad range of customers across the UK including hospitals, clinics zoological institutes, bioscience research institutes, care services, pharmaceutical and clinical waste from vet practices and vet hospitals, food suppliers, transport and distribution companies, airports, Port Authorities, and many government bodies including the Environment Agency, Trading Standards authorities, APHA, and local hospitals.

Our process

Our modern incineration process is clean and safe, as we employ the best available technique with pollution control, abatement technologies, and state-of-the-art monitoring systems, consequently minimising the dependence landfill

We are also one of the few UK specialist waste management companies using advanced twin rotary autoclaves to process clinical waste. Clinical waste is shredded and sterilised with the resulting flock processed to form solid reclaimed fuel (SRF) that is used in waste to energy. Thereby providing a solution that is both beneficial to the environment and cost-effective for customers

Our services

We have the expertise and competence to deal with far more challenging or unusual waste types than most other companies, from condemned food through to seized goods.

Chemical waste

We provide a safe and compliant disposal route for the collection, storage, and disposal of hazardous waste that can be harmful to human health and to the environment. Our national network of transport and processing sites allow us to offer a compliant service regardless of the quantity of chemical waste.

Collections are completed by our ADR trained drivers operating a fully ADR compliant fleet with a range of sizes, allowing us to service all clients in discreet vehicles matched to the quantity needing collection.

We process wastes including:

  • Batteries recycling
  • Flammable waste
  • Laboratory waste
  • Pesticides
  • Solvents
  • Waste oils and rags

Commercial food waste

At Novus Environmental, we understand that food waste needs to be removed and disposed of quickly. Food waste can be of animal or plant origin and is food material that has been discarded, is unable to be used, or has been deemed unfit for human consumption.

Our specialised waste disposal fleet allows us to offer a swift and flexible solution, ensuring that any food waste is taken away and dealt with efficiently. Upon receipt, we recycle and treat food waste in the most appropriate manner. For example, contaminated meat is incinerated, whilst vegetables and fruit can be sent for Anaerobic Digestion.

Offensive waste

Offensive waste is non-hazardous; however, it still requires special labelling, storage and disposal. You can minimise your disposal costs through the correct identification and segregation.

Our fully licensed waste management service provides you with the assurance that your offensive waste is handled, transported, and treated in accordance with the Department of Health guide: HTM 07:01 Safe Management of Healthcare Waste, for peace of mind. Our disposal routes for PPE and offensive waste include Waste to Energy where the waste is sterilised and or shredded and processed through a WtE facility.

Animal by-products disposal

Animal by-products are defined as entire bodies, parts of animals, products of animal origin or other products obtained from animals that are deemed unfit or not intended for human consumption.

Our national infrastructure of Category 1 approved sites means that we can effectively collect animal by-products on an ad-hoc or scheduled basis for hygienic disposal or processing. Our on-site incineration plants meet strict regulations enforced by APHA and DEFRA, which ensures that your Category 1 waste is dealt with compliantly. Where ABPs are classified as Category 3, we can offer the benefit of ‘green’ treatment in approved anaerobic digestion or biogas facilities.

Pharmaceutical wastes

Pharmaceutical wastes are wastes derived from medicines and drugs used in the treatment of humans and animals, including medicines, packaging contaminated with medicine, and items used to handle or administer medicines.

We collect and dispose of expired, partly used, or unused drugs from Government Schemes and pharmaceutical institutions, with no minimum or maximum restriction on volumes. We are also licensed by the Home Office under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.

Clinical and sharps wastes

Clinical and sharps waste consist of materials and instruments that are used in medical procedures, in both public and private organisations.

The correct segregation of your clinical and sharps waste demonstrates strong health and safety governance. Clinical waste is shredded and then sterilised in our rotoclaves. The resulting flock is used to create solid reclaimed fuel (SRF) or refuse derived fuel (RDF), which used to generate energy from waste.

Seized good disposals

We will discuss your precise requirements to provide a professional, tailored and prompt solution for the disposal of counterfeit, contaminated and confiscated material in the most appropriate disposal method. For example, clothing can be shredded and used to create new textiles.

Our secure service assures that seized items are permanently removed from the marketplace, which helps to protect companies’ reputations and their brands. We can also arrange for an observer to witness the destruction of seized goods for peace of mind or legal purposes.

Cost of destruction

Across the entire manufacturing and distribution industry, businesses continue to face challenges on all fronts. One major pain point that is being felt by businesses of all structures and sizes, including Novus, is rising fuel costs. Like Novus, many businesses rely on commercial vehicles in their day-to-day operations and with many budgets already stretched due to inflation, the rising cost of fuel is putting financial strain on many businesses across the country.


From general information on waste segregation to on-site advice for any complex technical issues, Novus Environmental are here to assist you. As a fully compliant service provider, we can provide free waste assessments and audits to understand your precise needs. Whether you have a one-off or immediate disposal requirement or are seeking long-term support, we welcome you to challenge us.

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Novus are fully insured, compliant and accredited

At Novus Environmental, we guide the disposal of all waste types. With a thorough understanding of your needs, we deliver industry-leading solutions.

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