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Expert offensive waste management: advice, disposal, and compliant processes by Novus Environmental

Cost-effective & efficient solutions

Novus Environmental provides cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable collection and disposal solutions for offensive/hygiene waste. Offensive waste is non-infectious and non-hazardous; however, it still needs to be segregated and disposed of in line with stringent waste legislation.

Examples of offensive waste include hygiene, sanitary, and PPE waste, which may not necessarily cause harm, but the appearance and potential odour is unpleasant. Therefore, producers are required to segregate waste based on its properties and potential to cause harm, hence the need for effective segregation measures for offensive waste. While offensive waste is non-hazardous, it can’t be disposed of in the general waste stream – that’s where we come in.

Our Licencing/Accreditation for Sanitary Waste Disposal

With full UK coverage, Novus Environmental provides an efficient, reliable, industry-leading offensive waste management service. We can provide free waste compliance audits and training to support facilities managers and owners with developing and/or updating a waste management plan, making sure all regulatory controls are in place relating to the segregation and disposal of healthcare waste.

We employ service drivers across the whole of the UK, meaning you will have a local expert at hand to offer you a bespoke offensive waste collection.

While offensive waste doesn’t necessarily pose risks, we still have to be careful when it comes to the disposal of such. Therefore, we have all the necessary licencing and accreditation to ensure that offensive waste disposal is carried out in a hygienic manner. For instance, each of our service drivers is equipped with an ADR licence.  Similarly, our vehicles are all ADR-regulated and BK2 approved, meaning they can transport hazardous waste safely and compliantly.

All Novus Environmental customers are assigned a dedicated account manager, each of whom has extensive waste management experience. They will ensure that your business is provided with all the necessary support and guidance to ensure you are meeting your legal duty of care with regard to waste whilst saving you money.

We recognise that each business has unique needs, particularly with regard to waste. As such, Novus Environmental offers completely bespoke waste management services for our customers.

The Capacity of Our Offensive Waste Collection

From small to large amounts of offensive waste, Novus Environmental is here to help. We offer anything from small bag collection services and bin exchanges all the way to industrial-scale skips and roll-on/off compactor loads. So, whatever your needs may be, we’ve got you covered.

To assist you with your waste management, we provide the following:

  • Offensive (tiger stripe) waste bags, bag ties, and bins
  • Lockable colour-coded waste wheelie bins (available in 240, 360, 770, and 1,100 litres)
  • Waste skips (from 4yd to 40yd)
  • Static and portable compactors of various sizes

Offensive Waste Disposal UK Legislation

Offensive waste is defined by the European Waste Catalogue under the following codes:

18 01 04 — Human-related healthcare (e.g., human waste disposal, incontinence product and nappy waste collection, single-use instruments, used gowns, used and uncontaminated PPE, non-infectious dressings, empty non-medicated intravenous bags, cardboard vomit/urine bowls, used personal hygiene products, etc.)

18 02 03 — Animal-related healthcare (e.g., veterinary waste disposal, animal faeces, animal bedding, etc.)

20 01 99 — Municipal sources (e.g., food, worn clothing, garden waste, etc.) Our fully licenced waste management service provides you with the assurance that your offensive waste is handled, transported, and treated in accordance with the Department of Health guide: HTM 07:01 Safe Management of Healthcare Waste.

The Offensive Waste Disposal Process

Novus Environmental offers a 100% zero waste-to-landfill solution for the offensive waste we handle on behalf of our customers. The offensive waste is collected from the site and converted to a Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), after which time it is incinerated at state-of-the-art Energy Recovery Facilities (ERF). This is the most sustainable solution available for offensive waste. It ensures the waste is completely diverted from landfills whilst contributing to the generation of enough base energy to power thousands of homes. It also makes it possible to recover valuable resources and by-products for reuse.

The Sustainability Factor

As previously mentioned, our process is built upon a 100% zero waste-to-landfill solution, meaning we not only work to dispose of your offensive waste but also to reduce your carbon footprint. With Novus Environmental, you can fulfil your duty of care to your staff, clients, and the environment in tandem.

  • Cost-effective disposal
  • Free waste audits
  • Department of Health compliant
  • Waste segregation training

Offensive Waste Disposal

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At Novus Environmental, we guide the disposal of all waste types. With a thorough understanding of your needs, we deliver industry-leading solutions.

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