Wide range of waste management solutions available

What Do Waste Management Services Include?

Waste management includes all actions taken to handle waste from its origins to its disposal.

This includes a closely monitored process of collection, transportation, treatment, and disposal – adhering to strict regulatory waste management standards. We understand the importance of going above-and-beyond waste management services for society and our environment.

Our Extensive Reach

Our waste management services cover most sectors in the UK including hospitals, zoological institutes, R&D departments, food suppliers, and major government bodies.

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Nationwide Waste Management Services

Our services extend across the UK, so wherever you are we can provide 
a waste management service that is accessible and provides the most appropriate solution for you.

Support ‘Zero Waste’

We work with customers to adopt the hierarchy of ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ to support a zero waste society.

The innovative approach we take to providing waste management services is crucial in reducing our environmental impact, cutting CO2 emissions, improving efficiency, and ultimately driving down costs.

Our diligent efforts ensure that any disposal of waste is done in a manner that will protect human and animal health, as well as the environment.

Explore Our Range of Waste Management Services

We offer a list of the waste management services . If you can’t see your waste type here, call us to see how we can help you.

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Animal By-Products Disposal

Efficient compliant Animal By Product disposal service for all categories

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Chemical Waste

Trust Novus Environmental: Site visits, chemical identification & disposal solutions.

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Clinical Waste Disposal

Compliant clinical waste disposal nationwide, with ADR drivers and on-site treatment.

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Confidential Waste Disposal

Novus Environmental provides a specialist service for the secure destruction of your con...

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Confiscated and Counterfeit Goods Disposal

Safe disposal of confiscated and counterfeit goods nationwide by Novus Environmental.

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Freight and Cargo Disposal

Novus Environmental has extensive knowledge and experience working with all the main UK ...

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Hazardous Waste Disposal

Expert hazardous waste disposal, UK- and EU-compliant, with fleet and transfer sites.

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Nationwide Waste Collection

Flexible waste collection service with ADR compliance by Novus Environmental

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Offensive Waste

Expert offensive waste management: advice, disposal, and compliant processes by Novus En...

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Onsite Waste Treatment

Safe, compliant incineration with advanced pollution control and monitoring systems.

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Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

Safe, compliant pharmaceutical waste disposal nationwide by Novus Environmental.

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Spoilt Goods Disposal

Trust Novus Environmental for spoilt goods disposal with nationwide collection

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WEEE Recycling

Compliant WEEE disposal, secure service, nationwide collection by Novus Environmental

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Novus are fully insured, compliant and accredited

At Novus Environmental, we guide the disposal of all waste types. With a thorough understanding of your needs, we deliver industry-leading solutions.

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