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Animal By-Products

Specialist Waste Disposal – How We Do What We Do.


Smuggling will increase after Brexit

Animal By-Products

8 Sources of Animal by Products (ABP) Waste

Hazardous Waste

Why is hazardous waste incinerated?

Clinical Waste

Waste Container Colour Codes Explained

Animal By-Products

How to dispose of condemned foodstuffs

Animal By-Products

Protecting endangered species from illegal trade

Animal By-Products

What are animal by-products and how are animal by-products treated?

Animal By-Products

What is Common in Egg Sandwich, Container Load of Meal & Animal Hide

Animal By-Products

Contaminated eggs means food crime is again in the news

Animal By-Products

What do you do with a container load of spoilt meat?

Animal By-Products

Is waste incineration a dirty word?

Novus are fully insured, compliant and accredited

At Novus Environmental, we guide the disposal of all waste types. With a thorough understanding of your needs, we deliver industry-leading solutions.

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